Dreaming of repentance usually means that in life, it indicates that you will accept an unsatisfactory situation or an unexpected turnaround.

The poor dream of confession indicates that through hard work, life will gradually become richer.

To dream of wife confession means that she usually cares about her family very much, so husband and children are in good health and live happily.

The staff dreamed of confession, indicating that they were conscientious in their work, and thus had the opportunity to be appreciated and promoted by their superiors.

Students dream of confession, which means that they will work harder, will achieve excellent results in the exam , and achieve academic success.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen dream of confession, which means that their business may experience ups and downs, lower profits, or even sell off at a low price.

The patient dreamed of repentance, indicating that his condition will deteriorate.

To dream of others repenting, indicates that you may encounter boring things and feel depressed.

To dream of the enemy repenting, you must be vigilant, which indicates that he will be your enemy for a long time.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of asceticism for the sake of atonement will have different consequences due to differences. The confession of people of different classes will have different results. An unmarried man dreams of his asceticism and will marry a handsome and virtuous woman as his wife. The tender wife will comfort him in difficult times and never let himself be anxious. If a capitalist or a wealthy person dreams of doing ascetic practices, their income will suddenly drop, and they may leave their hometown. But if the poor dream of repentance, life will be prosperous. Ascetic people dream of asceticism, they will become leaders of the nation and can rely on their own ingenuity to work for the benefit of the country or nation. Entrepreneurs dream of making confession, they will be forced to sell goods at a lower price and make little profit. But a married woman dreams of atonement, because her husband and children are in good health, so she feels very happy and happy. If the patient dreams of repentance, his condition will worsen. The staff dreamed that they were redeeming their sins, they would be praised by their bosses, and they would be successful. Students dream of making confession, will get excellent results in the exam, because they have extraordinary talents, they can get scholarships. To dream that others are confessing is an ominous sign, and you will feel upset and frown. To dream of someone dying during asceticism is an auspicious sign, that a good turn will happen in life, and it is possible to get hidden treasures. To dream of an enemy making confession means that you will always regard yourself as your enemy.

Psychological analysis: Confession is a way of direct dialogue between the soul and the gods, and it is the natural expression and confession of the gods and emotions.

Spiritual symbol: The confession in the dream is also a sign of social status and physical health.