Dreaming of hell means that you feel tortured or feel abandoned or suffering; it is also often a sign of recent stress.

Dreaming that you are in hell implies that you have been under stress from work or life in the recent past; or that you feel guilty and worried about punishment. In fact, the cause of guilt is not necessarily a crime. Maybe it ’s just that you have some problems in your life that violate some norms and are uneasy inside;

Dreaming of someone in hell indicates that you are worried about a friend or have a strong sense of guilt towards the person in your dream.

Dreaming of seeing friends in hell means that you and your friends are happy in life.

Dreaming of yourself leaving hell implies that you will avoid accidents.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Friends in hell, Lord Fudge. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Seeing hell, the calamity is coming. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreams in some ways make you re-understand the truths you already know, or remind you of them. If the spiritual world is understood as the inner truth and religion as the content that reconnects people with their origins, then the religious image helps to improve one's cognition. Various religious images exist in the world, but their existence cannot be expressed in any other way. It indicates that the spiritual world is as independent as the body and soul in life.

Psychoanalysis: If a person consciously or scornfully rejects a religious image while awake, then dreams will try to fill this gap and make you re-aware of the needs of the mind. The hell that appears in dreams is a state of being, and everything here is actually not what they are. Hell is a symbol of life that is constantly being attacked by negative fantasy. Therefore, hell is a constant dying struggle.

Spiritual Symbol: If you can accept the view that every truth has its perspective, every truth must return to the basic principles, then all dreams can be interpreted from a spiritual perspective, and this applies especially to religious images.

Dream Case Study of Hell

Dream Description: When I was young, I always heard old people say how hell is terrible. In that dream, I dreamed that I was in hell, and then I really realized the horror of hell. The little ghost in Hell has fangs and fangs, his face is very scary, but it scares me. (Female, 24 years old)

Dream Analysis: The hell in the dream is a symbol of excessive stress. The appearance of hell in your dreams indicates a strong fear in your heart. Dreaming that you are in hell indicates that your work or life is too stressful. Dreaming of others in hell shows that you are worrying about your friends.