Dreaming of ghosts indicates that you will face unexpected difficulties.

  If you dream of a ghost wearing a white robe, it could signal that your best friend's health is threatened, or that a business venture is being opposed.

  Dreaming that the ghost is wearing a black robe indicates that someone will betray you and be unfaithful to you.

  Dreaming that the ghost talks to you indicates that there is an evil lurking around you, and if you follow wise advice, you may be protected from it.

  Hearing a ghost knocking on a door or wall in a dream indicates that trouble will occur unexpectedly.

  Dream of ghost soul tilt drapery, or walk around in the canopy tent, warning you to control your emotions, avoid haste; after this dream and is likely to quarrel.

  Dreaming of the ghost of a friend floating in his room is a sign of disappointment and insecurity.

  Hearing music that may be played by a ghost in a dreamland heralds adverse changes and sadness in the family.

  Zhou Yi Jie Meng

  It is said that there are good and bad sides, and it is impossible to make a clear conclusion. But dreaming of this dream indicates a decline in family ethics.

  Dreaming of becoming a ghost may be a sign of fortune or fortune.

  Dreaming of ghost fire said it would suffer.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: Dreaming of ghosts indicates that ancient patterns of habits are connected, and it may also prompt you to recall buried hopes and pursuits, which are not necessarily material content. You may not have invested enough in it.

  Psychoanalysis: You may revive memories and feelings of the past to better understand your behavior. If you have been linked to past expirations or deaths, you must now exercise due caution.

  Spiritual symbol: When a ghost appears in a dream, it may remind you to pay attention to the behaviors of the past. At this time you should be able to recognize your own development pace.