Dreaming of incense, Ji Zhao, dreams to be realized.

Dreaming of incense for the god of wealth, soon friends will have good news.

Unmarried men and women dream of giving the god of wealth incense, indicating that your relationship will be false if you deceive each other by hypocrisy, and success if you are sincere.

Dreaming of incense to the grave , "There are friends from afar." Maybe a friend with a childhood friend of Zhumei suddenly visits and will have some wonderful memories.

Unmarried men and women dream of burning incense and will soon find the person they like.

The patient dreamed of incense, and his body would recover soon.

Businessmen dream of incense, business will make a lot of money. (

Dreaming of worshipping Buddha means that although you have encountered a bottleneck now, in the most difficult time, a noble person will come out to help you and be very successful.

The person who dreamed of Shangxiang said that your relationship had matured, and your other half was also excellent and very affirmed. You will be able to form an auditorium together soon. 

The patient who was suffering from Shen Chen dreamed that the head of the temple was a godhead, indicating that it was an auspicious sign and his body would recover.

Dreaming of burning incense on the grave , the god of luck will come, but if you do less good, you will not encounter it.

The original version of Zhou Gong interprets
  dreams. The Dream Book of Dunhuang