To dream of burning incense and worship to the stars and moon means that all is well.

  To dream of burning incense for worship means that everything is safe and blessed.

  A patient suffering from a severe disease dreamed of burning incense and kowtow to the goddess of the temple , indicating that it was auspicious sign and the body would recover.

  Dreaming of someone burning incense means that your relationship has matured and your spouse is also very good. It is very affirmed. You will be able to join the auditorium in the near future.

  Dreaming of burning incense and worshiping Buddha means that although you have encountered a bottleneck now, in the most difficult time, a noble person will come out to do a big favor for you, and it will be very successful.

  Original Dreamsmeaning Book

  Dreaming of a person burning incense means marriage. Dunhuang Book of Dreams