Dreaming that the corridor is out of sight, it means that your current work or environment makes you feel depressed and unmotivated.

Dreaming of the corridor indicates that your work may have a new direction.

Dreaming of going up the stairs means going up step by step.

The staff dreamed of going up the stairs, the position would be promoted.

A businessman dreams of going up the stairs is a sign of wealth.

Dreaming of going upstairs or climbing a high platform indicates that the lucky star is shining brightly.

To dream of being pulled upstairs by someone indicates that you are helping.

Dreaming that there are no stairs upstairs means that there is always no reasonable and convenient way.

To dream of climbing up the stairs to look at the sky indicates that the fortune is great. An unexpected income will come from unexpected places.

Dreaming about the stairs of a tall building that you can never climb up indicates that you are lucky to study. Focus on reviewing a few times before the exam , it will have very good results, and you can face the exam paper with 100% confidence.

Dreaming of going up and down on the school stairs indicates that your grades will go up and down suddenly, which is very unstable. It was 40th in the first semester, and advanced to 5th in the second semester, but in the third semester it was second from the bottom... The flexibility is too great!

Dreaming of endless stairs means that you want to work harder and stronger in work or school, and soon, your grades will rise as expected.

The staff dreamed of going upstairs, which means that the position will be promoted, or the possibility of a salary increase.

The businessman dreams of going upstairs is a sign of wealth, and a sum of money will be put into the treasury recently.