Dreaming of a lamppost indicates that when you encounter difficulties and need help urgently, a stranger may become your savior and will eventually become your loyal and reliable friend.

To dream of being tripped in front of a lamppost means that you will see through the scam and avoid its harm, or it indicates that someone will deliberately harm you.

To dream of a lamppost standing in your path indicates that your destiny is difficult.

Dreaming that the lights are suddenly dimming, indicates that prosperity and decline will accompany you.

The light in the dream comes out through the paper, which symbolizes that the dreamer can overcome difficulties and realize his ideals.

Dreaming of lights in the distance symbolizes that life will be rich and happy.

When dreaming, there are lights in the distance, which means that life will be prosperous.

Dreaming of dazzling lights at home means that the dreamer will have a wealth of wealth.

To dream that other people's homes are as bright as the day, which means to celebrate the holidays.

To dream that your home is very bright indicates that your child wants it.

To dream of bright lights at home indicates that the dreamer will succeed no matter what he does and will be rich.

The girl dreamed of lights in her home, indicating that the dreamer would marry a handsome young man.

Dreaming that there is light in my father 's home means that I have to go to the temple fair.

A businessman dreams of bright lights at home, indicating that the business is going well and making more profits. On the contrary, the business is not going well or making less profits.

Dreaming of dim lights implies that the dreamer should pay more attention to his health.

Dreaming of being separated from his wife for many days and seeing that the light in his house is very dazzling, indicates that the dreamer can see his wife soon.