If the silo is filled with full-grained millet and good corn cobs, surrounded by a full silo, it is a sign of great success. If it is an empty barn, the situation may be just the opposite.

To dream of an empty barn is a bad omen.

To dream that the warehouse is filled with full-grained grains and good corn on the cob, surrounded by barns, is a sign of great success.

Dreaming that your granary is full of grains means that although your family's economy is not very good now, as long as you work hard, your family will become more prosperous and your economy will improve.

Dreaming of an empty granary implies that the economic situation is not as stable as you think, and there should be no speculative and risky behavior in the near future.

To dream that the granary is empty, and there are mice coming in and out, reminds that there are prodigal people in the house, stealing things from the house like a mouse, causing the family to be impoverished.