On the one hand, the high-rise buildings in the dream have obvious masculine symbols. On the other hand, it may reflect the attractiveness and pressure of urban life.

There are many urban buildings in the dream, and the magnificent and luxurious scenes indicate that you will be rich and famous.

Dreaming of looking up at tall buildings implies a longing for male masculine temperament.

Dreaming of climbing up a tall building may indicate a desire to conquer or desire to have a lover in your heart.

Dreaming that the mansion is luxurious, indicates that in life or work, you will face some changes that you don't like, and you have to accept it.

Dreaming that the building is empty or very shabby indicates that the conditions will be improved or the situation will be changed for the better.

To dream of looking down from the top of the building, but feeling very scared, indicates that you are both looking forward to and afraid of sex.

To dream of looking down from the revolving restaurant of the building, or the viewing balcony, or the playground, indicates that there will be an unexpected development in love.

Dreaming that you live in a building implies that you have been emotionally upset recently. You may be worried because you cannot confess to the other party, or you are stressed but cannot communicate with others.