Dreaming that the bustling commercial street is a good dream for career and interpersonal relationships.

  Men dreamed that the bustling commercial street would be able to combine with their ideal women.

  Dreaming that the shopping street is deserted, it will take a while. (by Zhou Gongjie dream official website )

  Zhougong Stock Market

  Dreaming of the commercial street, the stock market suggests that if there are a lot of customers in the shopping street, it means that the stock market is booming.

  Case Study of Dream Street

  Dream description: In my sleep, I seem to have come to a bustling commercial street with bright lights on both sides of the market and neon lights flashing. The colorful neon lights decorate the beautiful streets and walk in them, as if entering a colorful world. (Female, 23 years old)

  Analysis of dreams: neon dreams are a symbol of love and extramarital affairs. Dreaming of flashing neon lights shows that you are a romantic person. Unmarried men and women dream of neon flashing, indicating that love will come to you, or the lover will give you an unexpected gift. Married men and women dream of neon flashes, which means that you will have an extramarital affair, and you will be more involved. However, this relationship will only be a "pingping".