Dreaming of a port or small pier often symbolizes a sanctuary, emotional end, or the beginning of a new phase. It may also herald a pleasant trip soon. The woman dreamed that the ship was sailing into the pier, indicating that you would finally find a home.

  Dreaming of the ship leaning to the port, suggesting that the drifting is over, and after suffering, it finds a place to live emotionally;

  Dreaming of the ship leaving the port indicates that the dreamer will start a trip or a new plan.

  Dreaming of a large ship returning to the port when sailing into the port also heralded the great wealth, status and reputation to be won.

  The old man dreamed of leaving the dock, but also foretold that he might be seriously ill or died.

  If you dream of a quiet ferry in the countryside, it may indicate that your wish will come true, or you may have unexpected luck. Businessmen dreaming like this foretells new business opportunities to be found, but rivals have not yet appeared.

  Dreaming of a noisy dock, feeling very irritable in your dreams, implies that you may wish to change or leave the status quo.

  Dreaming of the abandoned pier hints at plans that have been abandoned.