Dreaming of the tower indicates that you will be promoted or that you are eager to get rid of the harassment of the world.

A woman dreams of a tower also symbolizes health and longevity.

The businessman dreamed of the tower, indicating that the business is prosperous, the wealth is growing, and he will be rich in the future.

Dreaming of climbing the tower indicates that you will overcome severe difficulties and achieve success.

The army officer dreams of the tower and can win the battle.

To dream of shoveling the pyramids will make you a high position.

Dreaming of many towers indicates that you may travel or visit abroad.

Dreaming that the tower suddenly collapsed when you came down from the tower indicates that your hope will be shattered at any time like a soap bubble.

Unmarried men and women dream about the tower, indicating a good marriage, a stable family, and a family background, which will bring you a better future.

If you dream of building a tower, you have to be careful. Such dreams remind you to pay attention to fame and cherish your reputation. You must check your behavior to avoid notorious end in the future.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who see the tower are all lucky. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of the tower, the Lord himself has a sign of glory. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream of climbing up the mountain and climbing the tower. This dream goes high. Scholars dream of this main link and rank, ranking top grade; monks dream of passing away; patients dream of ascending to heaven. Menglin Xuanjie

Born on the top of the tower, the Lord is famous. Dreamsmeaning Book