Dreaming about the bathroom, seeing white roses and yellow roses in the bathroom, it means that you are sick with disease in your joy, but after your health is restored, there will still be continuous happy things to make you happy.

  The young woman dreamed of the bathroom and predicted that she would tend to be frivolous and like to pursue flashy and unrealistic happiness.

  Dreaming of soaking in hot springs, there are health issues. Special attention should be paid to nephritis, hepatitis, jaundice, influenza, and irregular menstruation. The best health method is adequate sleep.

  Dreaming of entering the dressing room may cause fire disaster. Be especially careful when traveling, try to avoid staying in high-rise restaurants, it is best to choose low-rise hotels.

  Dreamed that the key could not be taken out of the toilet , and his fortune declined. Your frivolous behavior is likely to increase friend trouble. Think before you act

  Dreaming of bathing at home , good luck in communication. When you use the love letter to make a bold attack, it finally works. When you are dating Italian, you will be so nervous that you ca n’t even say anything, but your heart is full of happiness.

  Dreaming of clothes sticking to feces, money's support has risen. Expect a new income. Maybe in addition to pocket money income, there are also part-time accounts. Make good money and use it quickly.

  Dreamed of bathing in the public bath, shopping luck rose. It is possible to buy good quality clothing and accessories cheaply.

  Dreaming about the bath indicates that everything is going well and life is stable.

  Dreaming of bathing in the bath, feeling chest tightness, may be caused by incorrect sleeping posture. If the sleeping posture is correct, diseases, especially respiratory diseases, may occur.