Dreaming of debt collection is an omen from Zhou Gong's interpretation of the dream . Remember to be careful not to offend people.

  Dreaming that others are collecting or collecting debts from themselves indicates that there will be financial worries, and it is likely that large expenses will happen to themselves.

  Dreaming that you are collecting debts from others indicates that you will be nervous in interpersonal relationships and will likely conflict with others.

  Dreaming of repaying debts to others, heralding good luck for the dreamer, and a bright future;

  Dreaming of others paying debts to themselves, reminding dreamers that small losses may occur, and it is necessary to take precautions in advance.

  Dream of debts, good luck, happy life.

  The staff dreamed of being in debt and would get a raise.

  Businessmen dream of being in debt, and business is profitable.