Dreaming of the corpse burning, indicating that reading luck will rise. The reason is that you have worked hard to study, and your grades will improve greatly in the next year. This can give you a 99% guarantee.

  Dreaming that the body is cremating, it means that your competitors will try to weaken your power. If the person being cremated is you, it implies that if you continue to be stubborn, your career will obviously fail.

  Dream of being cremated, do not be at the mercy of others, the major events have to be determined by yourself.

  Dreaming of others being cremated may have a legacy.

  Dreamed that burning the corpse would be at odds with parents or brothers. Don't be too capricious, try to make your family harmonious. If the suspension bridge shakes in your dreams and you feel scared, the dispute will not be serious and many scarlet letters will appear.

  Fire dreamed of someone dead body, maybe you inside the old heart to heart to someone, no need to learn to be tolerant.

  Dreaming that the corpse is burning, which means that you were not interested in the past, and suddenly became interested for some reason, and you can do well; if the student can suddenly be interested in a certain subject, the grade can also