Dreaming that you are forced to choose among several people, or things, or several items, and suffering from it, such dreams usually indicate that the individual responsibility of the dreamer will be tested and face painful choices.

  In addition, from a psychoanalytic point of view, dreaming this dream may also suggest that you are skeptical of your sexual orientation.

  Dreaming of crossroads, or T-junctions, forks, foreshadows an important turn in life, or a major choice.

  If you choose one of them in your dream, it implies that you already have the answer to some major questions in your life or work that you need to make a choice. Just go bravely.

  Dreaming of a red light suddenly turning on at the intersection, which indicates that you are currently planning, may be suspended; or remind you of the potential danger ahead of the original plan, it is best to consider carefully.

  If you dream of a green light in front of the intersection, your career is smooth and unimpeded.