If you dream of getting out of control of a vehicle or a tool you control, it often indicates your anxiety about being unable to change your life or being in control of the situation and the progress of things.

  If you dream that the transportation is out of control, you are just a passenger or a passerby, and you also say that you have no purpose in life, feel confused and worried.

  If you are the driver yourself, it means worrying about your ability, anxiety about not being able to control your life, not being able to control a certain situation, or worrying about your sexual ability.

  There are two possibilities for dreaming that the elevator is out of control. One is that the environment is volatile and the other is that it reflects changes in your mood.

  Dreaming of the elevator stopping means that you are not meeting expectations, or that you are unwisely pursuing something that is not suitable for you.

  Dreaming about the failure of machinery or other electrical appliances, implying that you will suffer deception and loss in real life.

  Dreaming that the brakes fail, it uses the subconscious to vent what you are doing there is a certain risk, let you be careful.

  Dreamed that the steering wheel of the car failed, and he couldn't control the direction of work and effort, rushed too hard, or was unable to change.

  Dreaming that the elevator is malfunctioning indicates that your recent mood may be very anxious.