Dreaming that there is water in the mortar, auspicious sign, but if it overturns, shakes, breaks through, and overflows, it is a bad sign.

  People who are looking for a job dream of Shijiu, and their job search is normal. If they try new ways to express themselves, they will have a good breakthrough. At the same time, recruiters pay more attention to your knowledge.

  Office workers dream about the work of Shijiu. They are not too enthusiastic about work. Family or love takes up your work time and will leave a lazy impression on the boss and colleagues.

  Young people dream of stone mortar, good luck comes later than bad luck. Everything fails to be effective on the spot and immediately succeeds.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Water in dream mortar. The water in the mortar is autumn and winter, the spring is the ground, the pit is the pond, and the water is the inlet. The dependents are the mother family and the wife family, and they are paid to foreigners for the sake of use, and the wealth is rice beam and food. Dreams are good, dreams are overturned, shaken, and broken. Dream of this overflow, the main flood . Mysterious Dreams