Dreaming of dragon fighting, foreshadow more gossip.

  Dreamed that the head became a dragon. Foreshadow a smooth walk.

  Dreaming of the dragon shows that you must be an extraordinary person, and God will give you the chance of prosperity and prosperity.

  Dreaming that the dragon is flying in the sky indicates that you have very good luck, and that your work and study results are remarkable and noticeable.

  Dreaming that you are flying on a dragon, it indicates that your opportunity is coming, and the God of Fortune will take care of it. Even if you face difficulties, you will be solved.

  Dreaming about the birth of a dragon indicates that the baby in the future will be healthy and strong, and will have extraordinary achievements.

  If you dream of giving birth to a blue dragon, it also indicates that your child will become a national pillar when he grows up.

  Dreaming of a dragon entering the door, or drilling into the stove, or taking the dragon into the water, indicates that you will be fortuned and will be promoted.

  Dreaming of a snake turning into a dragon, foreshadows that you will be assisted by a noble person.

  Dreaming of the dragon flying to the ground indicates that you will have unexpected income in the near future.

  The pregnant woman dreamed that the two dragons flew into the house or got into the clothes, indicating that twins would be born.

  Dreaming of flying dragons into the sky, or dragons spitting fire, or roaring, all indicate that you will receive unexpected good news in the near future. Maybe the official transport Hengtong or the fortune will take the lead and the incident will go smoothly. It will win everyone's respect, follow, and achieve your wish And succeed.

  Dreaming about Huanglong, symbolizing great power and honor, indicates that the opportunity that may change your life is coming. You will have great success, fulfill your long-cherished wish, and become rich and noble.

  If you dream about the dragon and gold and silver jewelry at the same time, it indicates that you will be given a gift from heaven, good things may be one after another, wealth is strong, you are lucky, your business is booming, and your success is imminent.

  If in your dreams the dragon emits light to illuminate the house, on the one hand, it indicates that the unmarried family members in your family may find excellent partners; on the other hand, it indicates that the fortune is strong and the business is booming in the near future. If you invest, it will be a great success.

  Women dream of dragons and add males to their homes.

  Dreaming of riding a dragon dragon water, the dreamer will be in a high position.

  Dreaming that the dragon was dormant in the water, the dreamer went well.

  Dreaming of riding a dragon up the mountain, the dreamer responds to requests.

  Dreaming that you have become a dragon flying into the sky, indicates that you will fly Huang Tengda, become famous all over the world, and realize your ideals and ambitions in your heart.

  Dreaming that the dragon is dead, a bad omen may indicate that you will lose your official position or lose your prominent position.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dreaming of the Dragon Fighter, the main tongue. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dream head becomes dragon-shaped, good luck. Pingbu Qingyun, rising Xiaohan, this Tengyuxiang also. Only the emperor dreamed of this, there is no head or tail. Mysterious Dreams