The credit in a dream usually symbolizes your credit and ability in life.

  Dreaming of your own credit implies that dreamers may be worried that some promises will not be fulfilled, or they may be worried about the work in progress.

  When men dream about their credit, they may also suggest that dreamers are not good at getting along with others, and they should pay attention to gradually developing their ability to communicate with others.

  A woman dreaming of her credit account may have another emotional aspect, be careful to guard against extramarital affairs, or empathy.

  Dreaming of others crediting themselves, reminding dreamers to be vigilant and pay close attention to their business. It may be that others have unfulfilled promises or flashy talk, which will embarrass you in the end. You have to work hard to develop your own observation and judgment to get truly satisfactory results.

  Dreaming of asking for credit, this is a warning to you to be careful in your business at work. Those who seem to be trustworthy will end up hurting you.

  Married dreams of credit, reminding dreamers that emotional life is difficult, beware of extramarital affairs.