Dreaming about vacation usually means happiness in life, and it also indicates that you will get promotion or reward.

  Dreaming of couples on vacation together means a happy life and a harmonious family.

  The wife dreamed that her husband was on vacation, suggesting that the husband might lose his job or be sick in bed because of his poor health.

  During my dream vacation, there are always a lot of troubles, such as not being able to book a room, or encountering bad weather. Such dreams imply that you are a bit pessimistic, and even if you leave the usually depressed environment, you cannot get rid of your inner pressure. This dream also reminds you that just changing the environment does not mean that you can lead an ideal life.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: If you dream of going on vacation, it means personal needs and recovery and satisfaction, you don't have to take care of others.

  Psychoanalysis: People's desire for independence and freedom from responsibility often manifests as vacations in dreams. Holidays-For most people, it's almost a "happy fairy" day. This symbol also warns you that you are already overloaded. A few days of freedom are conducive to opening up new development space.

  Spiritual Symbol: At this level, a dream vacation is like a spiritual "fuel", which symbolizes rest and recuperation.