Dreaming of colorful or rainbow is a good sign, which implies the coming of good luck or good news, you must grasp it!

  Dreaming of a colorful rainbow, all things go well. If the person you are interested in is afraid to express your feelings, you can tell him or her boldly at this time, there must be no problem.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: The rainbow that appears in the dream is a symbol of hope, a sign of restoration of health, and embodies creativity and imagination.

  Psychoanalysis: Broadening your consciousness and accepting rainbow-like transients means that you need delicate feelings. In addition, the rainbow also marks the connection between the opposites, especially the connection between feeling and will.

  Spiritual Symbol: At the spiritual level, the rainbow is a symbol of perfection.

  Dream Case Study

  Dream description: There is an old man who has a bad relationship with his children because of various differences. One night, he dreamed of many, many rainbows, all over the sky, very beautiful. He was very happy to see this scene in his dream and felt very beautiful. Soon after, the old man became seriously ill, and after a few trips between life and death, the old man became much more peaceful and his relationship with his children improved.

  Dream interpretation: Rainbow's dream is a spiritual symbol, representing forgiveness, hope and commitment, suggesting that the dreamer is seeking a true self. The rainbow is also a bridge between heaven and earth, symbolizing the connection of consciousness and higher spirit. The rainbow fills the dreamer's heart with optimism and cheerfulness, and feels that the bland creativity is flying with the rainbow to the sky. This is a very lucky dream.