Dreaming of making trousers indicates that your recent fortunes are good. Depending on what is happening to you, it may be a gift from others.

The unmarried person dreams of making pants, which indicates that your recent love is very good, and there is room for further development of the relationship with your lover.

Business people dream of making pants, which indicates that your recent financial fortunes are not good, and a new investment project has not progressed, so it is very distressed.

Dreaming of making trousers foreshadows that fortunes will improve in the near future, and work and career will progress rapidly, which is a good sign.

Singles dreaming of making trousers foretells that it is difficult to be serious and responsible for romance recently. It is easy to have three minutes of heat, and it may be easy to confess or break up easily.

Working men dream of making pants themselves, indicating that the situation at work is not very smooth, and they often work harder to get rid of unsafe torture, and they often spend more time working hard.

The clerical writer dreamed of making pants himself, indicating that work will gradually improve, and the projects that he has been working on will achieve small results and will gradually regain confidence. As long as the goals he has established are accurate enough, I believe there will be good gain If the occasional irritability only hurts those who treat you genuinely.

Young people dream of making pants themselves, which indicates that they will have discomfort in health, tend to have a weak constitution, poor digestive function of the stomach and intestines, and it is more appropriate to eat more liquid food on their diet.

The test taker dreams of making pants himself, which indicates that he needs to first establish a persistent and persistent confidence in learning. He must continuously summarize and review the previous knowledge, and develop good study habits to improve his performance.

I dreamed that my pants were torn, but I did n’t have the money to buy them, which indicates that the interaction between friends is more frequent, and I will get a lot of money-making opportunities because of the introduction of each other. Opportunities also require quick decision-making.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Repairing pants, the Lord lost money. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"