The language in the dream means travel and work. The dream of Chinese is a colorful symbol in your heart.

To dream of taking a Chinese class indicates that there will be a trip that you will never forget.

Dreaming of writing Chinese homework indicates that you may be engaged in copywriting work.

Dreaming of mathematics is a reflection of nuances.

Dreaming of geography means travel and development.

Dreaming of history is a symbol of emotion and progress.

Dreaming of English means traveling and success.

Dreaming about sports is a symbol of health and competition.

Dreaming of a failure in the college entrance examination Chinese test indicates that you like to be the limelight in real life, and often do things in a strong way. Such a practice may bring you a lot of unnecessary trouble in the near future. Don't be impatient when doing things. Take it easy. You should listen carefully when others say it. If you feel that the other person is saying something wrong, you can ask him in a calmer tone to find out the specific reasons. Don't make friends based on your instincts, they may tell you the bad things about you. Instead, you become silent and use your charm to attract people around you so that you can find your true friend.

Dreaming that the college entrance examination Chinese test is very good, indicating that you will encounter many opportunities in real life recently, which may make it difficult for you to choose, but you must choose one. You should adjust your mentality first, and then choose. Many, it will be good to choose your choice.

Dreaming about Chinese subjects in the college entrance examination indicates that you may be a little troublesome in your career. As long as you adjust your mentality, you may be able to avoid these troubles. Even if you can't avoid them, you can also minimize the troubles affecting yourself.

Dreaming of a Chinese test will increase interpersonal luck. Your humorous jokes will instantly overwhelm all beings, and your status in the minds of others will increase. Will be overwhelmed by the responsibility of handling official business.

Graduates dream of language exams, indicating that job hunting is on the rise, and the recruiter will take the way of secret observation and assessment, and the details will expose you.

Seeking scholars dream of Chinese exams, the main exam results are good, but you must continue to work hard.