Dreaming of sawdust symbolizes troubles.

To dream of wood floating towards you from the side implies that the dreamer will make a fortune. The amount of wood implies how much;

To dream that you have been holding a piece of wood indicates that the dreamer will be appreciated by the boss with excellent personal business skills and good communication skills, and will eventually be promoted and paid;

To dream of moving wood by oneself implies that the dreamer has a good temper and a good relationship, and will be appreciated by the opposite sex;

Dreaming of wet firewood or dry firewood indicates that the dreamer is usually a sign of trouble;

Dreaming of wooden sticks implies that the dreamer may meet a more reliable and noble person.

Case study of dreaming about sawdust

Dream description: Dreaming of taking out a lot of sawdust from the ear. Why?

Dream analysis: The ears in your dreams represent your ability to receive information from the outside world or listen to the inner voices of others. In addition, they are also closely related to the meaning of news, opportunities, right and wrong judgments. At the same time, dreaming of ears also reminds the dreamer to listen to other people's opinions and pay attention to new information. And dreaming of sawdust in your ears means that your ears are blocked, and you do not listen to other people's advice, which brings you a lot of trouble. This dream is to remind you not to block your ears and to listen to others' advice.