If you dream of robbery and robbery, it indicates that you will encounter twists and turns, but soon the situation will begin to improve.

If you dream of fighting with robbers, it indicates that you will make new and faithful friends.

To dream of making friends with a robber indicates that you will receive sympathy and help from your friends in times of crisis.

The boatman dreamed of pirates, reminding you to beware of enemy attacks.

The boatman dreamed that the robber had robbed his own things and would suddenly lose money.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of robbers is a good omen; dreaming of fighting with robbers can make new friends.

Psychological analysis: In real life, robbers usually rob homes and rob and kill people. Therefore, they represent danger in dreams. I met a robber in my dream, which is a good sign. The predicament you face will be impacted to a certain extent, and you will usher in a rainbow after the rain. Fighting with robbers in your dream implies that you in real life can make new and faithful friends for justice. Continue your righteous deeds.

Case analysis of dreaming of robbers

Dream description: The dream I have is like the plot in the movie. I was walking on the path alone, and the leaves on both sides were rustled by the wind. Suddenly, two masked robbers sprang from the forest, snatched my bag and ran away. I followed closely, but I didn't catch up. (Male, 29 years old)

Dream analysis: The robber in the dream is a symbol of villain and dissatisfaction. Dreaming of robbers indicates that there is fear in your heart. Dreaming of being robbed by robbers indicates that there are snobs by your side. To dream of becoming a robber indicates that you want to vent your dissatisfaction.

If you dream of pirates, it means adventure and loss.

To dream of bandits means health and behavior.

To dream of robbery means harvest, expense or friends.