Dreaming of a lot of money means that you are eager for money, eager to have a lot of money, and solve your urgent needs. Suggestion, relax and let the flow go. Put your mind right.

Dreaming that money is money itself, more or less money is one of the criteria for measuring a person's wealth, the more money you get, the richer you are. Many people are very concerned about money and are struggling to make a lot of money, hoping that the more the better. This is a desire for money, which is then pinned in a dream, reflecting your current psychology. If you are particularly concerned about money recently, it is easy to dream about money.

Money also symbolizes dreams, desires or desires in reality. It does not simply refer to monetary aspects. For example, you hope to succeed in something, or get something, or what you expect to be achieved. Money is just a matter here. It's just a symbol. Also, when you are particularly concerned about the gains and losses of something recently, it is easy to dream about dreams related to money.

Dreaming of a lot of banknotes means that you may have one or several things recently, which is very important and you want to complete it urgently, because you have the desire for needs, or want to be ahead, or want to be very rich, but It may fail in reality, but you are not reconciled and want to try again.

Dreaming about money or banknotes is mostly related to the wish in your heart.

Dreaming about money usually means that you are extremely eager to realize the desire in your heart.

To dream of having a lot of money indicates that you have a strong thirst for knowledge, or a deep desire for success in your heart, to stand out, and want to show your outstanding side in front of others.