Dream of water crystals, suggesting a happy life, the difficulties will be solved, all the best.

On the spiritual level, it also expresses your concern and exploration of your own spiritual world and emotional world.

To dream of receiving crystal jewelry from others indicates that you will get true love.

A woman dreams that someone else will give her crystal jewelry, which symbolizes that she will get a loved one.

To dream of giving crystal products to others indicates that there will be further development.

Dreaming of losing the crystal indicates the destruction of inner good wishes.

Dreaming of craft crystals indicates that you will win great success in communicating with people in the near future.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Crystals often represent the crystallization of thoughts and feelings in dreams. It touches the depths of people's hearts and enables you to express things that you could not express in words before.

Psychoanalysis: The process of crystallization was regarded as the process of absorbing light and force in ancient times. Many people often dream of the process of crystallization in the subconscious. Dreaming of crystals means that you recognize the developing power in yourself.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, crystal is a symbol of receiving and sending spiritual energy.

Case study of dreaming about crystal

Dream description: In my dream, I came to a crystal clear crystal world. The shopping mall called "Crystal World" was filled with various crystal products. These products have exquisite craftsmanship and unique shapes. Give people a kind of beautiful enjoyment. (Female, 24 years old)

Dream analysis: Crystal dreams represent social and emotional. Dreaming of crystal utensils or handicrafts indicates that your heart is pure and charming, and you are deeply attracted by the opposite sex. This dream means that you will be socially successful. Dreaming of crystals indicates that you are a very emotional person, indicating that you will have a pure emotion.