Dreaming of twins reflects the opposing personalities of dreamers.

To dream of twins fighting indicates that there is a strong opposing selves in your heart.

To dream of twins playing happily together means that although you have different selves in your heart, they get along in harmony with each other.

When a man dreams of twins, it usually means that after thinking and inner struggles, he will get married and start a business, and his career will be successful.

A married man dreams of twins indicates that he will succeed in his career.

An unmarried man dreams of twins indicates that he will soon bid farewell to his single life and develop his career.

The businessman dreamed of twins, indicating that he would eventually get rich.

The patient dreamed of twins, indicating that the body is slowly recovering to health.

The twins in the dream are thin and weak, indicating that you will be on the front line of disappointment and pain.

Dreaming of quadruplets indicates that you may have to endure difficulties, but you are still full of hope.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you know the twins in the dream, then the latter represents yourself. If you don’t know it, it represents a thought or two different aspects of an idea.

Psychoanalysis: In daily life, you often face two opposites of a contradiction. Therefore, the twins in the dream can symbolize the two aspects of personality that are opposed to each other and united with each other.

Spiritual symbol: duality will eventually be reunified. The twins were born out of the idea that people can reach agreement despite temporary disagreements.

Case study of dreaming about twins

One of my classmates is pregnant , and she said that she especially hopes to be twins. Because there were twins in their family a few generations ago, then I dreamed that my same student had twins. They were lively and lovely. I was very happy for her from the bottom of my heart. (Female, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: lively and lovely twins indicate success and health. If unmarried men and women dream of twins, it means that they will get married soon. If married men and women dream of twins, it indicates that they will succeed in their careers. If a businessman dreams of twins, he will be rich. If the patient dreams of twins, the body will slowly recover to health.

If you dream of beautiful and cute children, it indicates a bright future.