Dreaming of eating kimchi or sauerkraut, your health is deteriorating.

A married man dreams of eating sauerkraut and is going to a wedding.

An unmarried man dreams of eating sauerkraut, he will love his sweetheart more.

Dreaming of mango kimchi will increase the population of the family.

Dreaming of lemon kimchi indicates that some relatives will fall ill.

Dreaming of making kimchi is a good sign, and the arrangement at home is well-organized and carefree.

The patient dreamed of eating foamy vegetables, and his body would be healthy soon.

If you dream of selling kimchi, your friends will suffer losses.

I dreamed of eating kimchi and going abroad to visit.

To dream of giving someone kimchi is to cut off relations with Zhijiao.

Dreaming of eating spoiled kimchi, disaster is coming.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Eating kimchi makes the body weak. Dreamsmeaning Book

Suffering kimchi breaks friendship. Dreamsmeaning Book

Make kimchi without any worries. Dreamsmeaning Book

Case analysis of dreaming about kimchi

Dream description: I prefer to eat kimchi, but my craft is not good. However, the kimchi I made in my dream is really good. I make kimchi according to the method my friend told me, very serious. After it was soaked, I tasted it and it tasted very good. (Female, 37 years old)

Dream analysis: Kimchi in the dream is a very auspicious dream. It means that your pursuit of life, love, and happiness is all right. To dream that you are making kimchi indicates that your life is full of fun. To dream that you are eating kimchi indicates that your love will be successful.