Modern transportation is becoming more and more developed. There are cars, trains, planes, etc. It is very convenient and fast to go anywhere, even if you want to go abroad, you will be abroad within a few hours. The flight in the dream is a sign of a better love fortune.

Dreaming of riding a speeding car, love luck is very smooth. A new relationship will begin, and the object will be larger than you.

A case study of dreaming of a flying car

Dream description: I didn't know how to drive before . Recently I was learning to drive. I often dreamed that I was driving a car suddenly. The speed is very fast, and there is often no danger. I also dreamed that I was driving on the road, every time I would encounter a lot of thrilling situations, but I avoided it.

Dream analysis: Congratulations, love is very lucky, you will be pursued by someone slightly older than you.