Dreaming of shaving indicates that the dreamer may have problems in interpersonal relationships because of his relationship in the recent period.

The married man dreamed that making a face with a razor would make a lot of money.

Dream razor, Barber division dream razor, revenue will increase.

The businessman dreamed of using a razor and would soon go abroad, and he could make a fortune.

Officials dreamed of using a razor and would soon be promoted to rank.

When I dreamed of shaving, my razor broke the skin. To win, I had to work hard.

Dreaming of shaving with a razor, married men dreaming of shaving with a razor can make a lot of money.

Dream of getting a haircut during the day and getting rich.

Barbers dream of cutting hair to others, and their income will increase.

The patient dreamed of a haircut during the day and soon recovered. But dreaming of a haircut at night, there will be unfortunate news.

The businessman dreamed that he was making a haircut and could make a lot of money.

Businessmen dream of a haircut for others, and the business is profitable.

Dreaming of a haircut for someone else will suffer.

Dream of haircutting the enemy, the enemy will create disaster for himself.

The staff dreamed that they were getting a haircut, which would raise wages.

The boatman and crew dreamed of getting a haircut and would soon make an outstanding contribution to the job.