When a man dreams of watching a drama, it means that there will be more communication and additional expenses will be added.

Dreaming of going to a drama with your wife in the dream indicates that the two husbands and wives are loving and harmonious, and their lives are peaceful and beautiful.

When a woman sees a drama in the theater, it shows that you are a person who can be independent, independent of her husband, and does not need to be protected.

The picture of a woman going to see a play reminds you that you will be ridiculed by others these days.

A boy and girl who are in a relationship dream of going to a drama with their lover, indicating that you will meet and date together again.

Dreaming of going to a drama with a good friend indicates that you are healthy and energetic.

A business person dreams that he and his friends are going to watch a drama together, which means that the business is prosperous, the relationship is very wide, and the money is rolling in.

To dream of watching a fairy tale drama indicates that your friends will deceive you.

If you dream of participating in a fairy tale drama performance, it indicates that someone will offend you, and everything will make you very dissatisfied.