The man dreamed of watching the drama meant more communication and increased expenditure.

  Dreaming of going to the drama with his wife, it shows that the two husbands and wives are loving and harmonious, and their lives are peaceful and beautiful.

  When a woman sees a play in a theater, it shows that you are a person who can stand on her own, does not depend on her husband, and does not need to be protected.

  When the woman sees the drama, she reminds you that you will be ridiculed by others.

  The male and female friends who are in love dream of seeing a drama with their lovers, which shows that you will meet and date together again.

  Dreaming of going to the drama with a good friend shows that he is physically fit and full of energy.

  Business people dream of seeing the drama with their friends, which means that the business is booming, the communication is wide, and the financial resources are rolling in.

  Dreaming of watching a fairy tale shows that your friends will deceive you.

  If you dream about yourself participating in a fairy tale show, it indicates that someone will offend you and everything will make you very dissatisfied.