Dreaming of the company's move represents a dreamer's "anxiety".

  The dreamer may feel the pressure brought by the work, or he is not able to adapt to the company's working environment, or the current job is too uninteresting; the dreamer subconsciously wants to change the current status, want to change the job, change the unit Wait.

  Moving means that your situation will change. The house represents yourself;

  Dreaming of moving, which means hard arrival, or a new lover, "people with family members" have peachy disputes;

  Dreaming of moving indicates that the dreamer may encounter new situations or new problems in reality, and needs to change the way he used to adapt to the new way.

  Dreaming of moving to a large, nice house shows that the dreamer is full of hope and wants to actively change the current life situation. With your efforts, life will become better and better;

  Dreaming of moving to a small and messy hut represents a bad change and may also represent a step backward. For example: the space for self-development has become smaller, and problems in life have occurred.