To dream of attending a funeral indicates that everything will go as you wish. The lost things reappear; or if you reconcile with the anti-purpose friend, it will be good things again and again.

Dreaming of being overtaken by a hearse will improve your money luck. Needless spending will be reduced, and pocket money can be used in a planned way. There will never be a dilemma due to empty pockets.

To dream of participating in someone else's funeral. Dream is a hidden mirror to peek into the heart is another illusory but real life experience. Just like Zhuang Zhou's Mengdie, we are often shocked and confused by weird dreams. What does it mean? What does it imply? Dreams are opportunities to eavesdrop on one's subconscious and conscious interactions. It opens the door to self-integration for people. What does it mean to dream of attending someone's funeral?

To dream of attending someone else’s funeral indicates that everything is going well. The patient dreamed of attending someone else’s funeral, and his body would soon recover to health. The old man dreamed of attending someone else’s funeral, he would be very strong and healthy.

Dreaming of a funeral indicates that you will run out of money or break your fortune. But if you dream of the funeral of your own death, you will be lucky.

To dream of attending a friend’s funeral represents your care and concern for your friend. Some of his actions are not very appetizing to you. Another thing is that there is a gap in the friendship between you.

A pregnant woman dreams of attending a funeral, "death" is the beginning of "new birth", indicating that everything is healthy for the fetus; if you feel unwell, you'd better go for a checkup.