Dreaming of buying a pistol indicates that you can be promoted to the ranks.

Dreaming of selling pistols reminds you that you may lose some money.

Dreaming of doing pistol trading business means that you will be valued by the leaders of the country and get an honorary title.

Dreaming of shooting a gun reminds you to think more before you do something. If you make a decision after careful consideration, you will not suffer anything.

Dreaming that you killed someone with a gun reminds you that you will be criticized by public opinion and you may face failure. You should strengthen your confidence.

Dreaming of gunshots reminds you that you have improperly handled areas and need to be re-planned.

Women dream of gunshots, reminding you to pay attention to the way of communication when interacting with people, and not to happen with people, otherwise your reputation will be lost.

To dream of carrying a gun reminds you to pay attention to everything to prevent theft.