The boss is synonymous with trouble. To dream that your boss wants to use his abilities in real life but is blocked. At this time, we should also pay attention to the possibility of trouble at work.

Dreaming of your boss indicates that the results of your usual efforts will not be recognized, and colleagues will deny your ability. It is recommended that you not be negative. Storms are always short. After the rain, the day will be the day when you will show your fists.

To dream of praising your boss indicates that you have an extraordinary relationship with your boss. You may get a promotion opportunity because of this special relationship.

Dreaming of arguing with your boss indicates that you are dissatisfied with the current situation. For example, you think that you are paying more than your colleagues, but you get less than your colleagues. Therefore, you hope to improve your current situation by communicating with your boss. This dream contains the meaning of promotion and salary increase. Therefore, if you have any dissatisfaction, please boldly raise it to your boss! But one thing to remind you is that you should pay attention to the time and skills of the question.

To dream of your boss taking off his clothes is not a good thing. Taking off your clothes means being honest with you. What kind of people will be honest with you? Of course, they are people who treat you as their own person. This means that you will fall into faction disputes. You only need to be on the side of your boss to continue staying. It also means that from now on, you will lose your right to be the master.

Dreaming that your boss is poor indicates that your boss’s official career will fall into a trough. This is the best time for you to rise, so you must seize this rare opportunity.

To dream of your boss working with yourself indicates that you want to use your abilities but are blocked in real life. It is recommended to be cautious and careful at work to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Dreaming that your boss does not approve your request indicates that you may be made things difficult by your boss/leader in your life, and it is easy to cause some minor troubles. It is recommended that you act in a low-key manner and carefully do your work within the scope of work.

Dreaming of your boss going with you indicates a bad omen. It is possible that you will encounter big troubles in your life or career. It is recommended that you do not get discouraged and follow you for a period of time. If you find a good solution, it will be solved.

Dreaming that your boss is ill indicates that your recent troubles are about to be resolved, and it can bring you more good luck.

Dreaming of asking your boss for forgiveness indicates that you will encounter setbacks or squeeze out at work recently or in the future, and you are likely to lose your job. It is recommended that you be prepared for job-hopping.

Dreaming that your boss is visiting indicates that you have recently lacked self-confidence in your work. On the contrary, it will become more and more intense. It is recommended that you calm down and do your job seriously to enhance the cultivation of self-confidence.

Dreaming of having sex with your boss indicates that your ability to deal with crises is enhanced, and your professional knowledge and technical level have also been improved and exercised. It will not be a good day for you to be promoted or raise your salary.

To dream of giving yourself an empty wallet with your boss indicates that you will be fired in the near future or you will not have to in the future. It is recommended that you be prepared to find another job.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of your boss is a bad omen. The boss symbolizes authority, and authority will imprison people.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of a boss means that you want to use your abilities in real life, but are blocked. At this time, we must pay attention to the fact that you should do your duty in daily work, because such a dream indicates that you may get into trouble at work, so it is better to be cautious.

A case study of dreaming of a boss

A person who works very hard dreamed that his boss was holding a big expensive dog to give him, as if he was teasing him. In the dream, this person also knew that the boss was teasing him, so he quickly asked the boss to take the dog away. A few days later, this person received a call from his boss

Then, recommend him to a good position-but this position will be accompanied by a lot of trouble. Thinking of this dream, this person rejected his boss. The boss hung up unhappy. This person was uneasy, worried about the boss's revenge. It didn't take long for another person to take over the position. Just as this person regretted, news came that the boss had fallen. This person was not implicated and escaped.

Dream analysis: This dream indicates that there are external blessings. If the motivation is not correct, there will be harm and disadvantages. A dog has the meaning of a mountain. It moves forward vigorously and is blocked by the mountain. The boss of the dreamer held the precious dog in his arms and deliberately lifted the dog. Fortunately, the dreamer can know the truth of enough to stop, and when it stops, stop absolutely, and be fully prepared. The dreamer asks the boss to take the dog away, which is the most effective way to prevent evil, to stop the evil before it happens, and to prevent evil before it happens. Because when the evil has formed, then go to the source, it is better to prevent it before it happens, stop what can be prevented, and dredge what can be dredged; if the sky is high, let the birds fly, and the sea will let the fish swim, just protect yourself.