Kissing represents the beautiful feelings between people and love. It is the best weapon to resolve all contradictions. Dreaming of kissing means resolution of contradictions.

Dreaming of kissing a man indicates that your relationship with each other in real life will be deeper. The past contradictions and disputes can be successfully concluded, and they will soon be united. It is a good sign.

Dreaming of being kissed by a man, a strong kiss is a forced kiss when someone is unwilling. For girls, this is a violent act. The strong kiss in the dream is a symbol of craving for love.

Unmarried women dreaming of being kissed by a man is a symbol of sexual germination, which means that a person will soon appear in the life of the dreamer;

A married woman dreams of being kissed by a man, which means that the dreamer is confused about the life of the husband and wife. Do you want to communicate with her husband?

The married woman dreamed of being kissed by her former lover, which meant that the dreamer had a little nostalgia for her lover, but was in a passive position.

Dreaming of kissing with your boyfriend indicates that your conflicts and disputes between the two parties have been resolved some time ago, the relationship will be deeper, and they will soon be combined, which is a good sign.

The businessman dreamed of kissing her boyfriend, indicating that your fortune is very ordinary. Be cautious in investing and managing your finances, use your own knowledge to judge, and you can ask others, otherwise the blind result is a loss.

Singles dreaming of kissing with her boyfriend indicates that your recent relationship has gradually stabilized. At first, it will be lively and showy, but then it will become more realistic and pay more attention to long-term relationship development.

The migrant dreams of kissing her boyfriend, indicating that your recent work status needs to continue to be diligent and diligent. Relaxation is somewhat conservative, but will do the work at hand carefully, increase the sense of responsibility, and pay for yourself very satisfied.

The candidate dreamed of kissing with her boyfriend, indicating that you should review more of what you learned the day before in your studies. If you can review it in time, that is, if you have not forgotten the material you have learned, use not much. Time consolidates what you have learned in time.

Minors dreaming of kissing with their boyfriends heralds your recent health problems. The most likely injuries are shoulders and inability to receive them. You need to pay more attention to them.

Dreaming of hugging and kissing with your boyfriend indicates that your health and fortune will rise, and you will have a happy life, as long as you can maintain your original life. In Xu Mozhai's "Xu's Five Elements Destiny", he said, "Yang Minghuo Xiangren", like this person, basically no longer have to worry about health issues this year.

Case study of dreaming and kissing a man

Last night I dreamed of kissing a strange guy. The location was in the elevator and there was a friend of mine beside me, but in reality I didn't know her at all, but in the dream I was a good friend. I stood behind the boy. The boy was still very white, but from the beginning to the end he didn't see what he looked like. He only saw his mouth and his lips were thin. As soon as the elevator door opened, I turned around to kiss him, and I stuck out my tongue a little bit. I thought he wouldn't stick out his tongue, but he did, and we started to kiss. The elevator was crowded with smiles, and friends next to it clapped their hands to show envy. But they are all strange faces? What does this mean?

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Kissing represents the beautiful feelings between people and love, which is the best weapon to resolve all contradictions. This dream also represents your desire for love in your heart. When kissing someone in a dream, the other person is someone you do n’t know, and you ca n’t see his face, because you do n’t have a real goal, that is, you have n’t Boyfriend has no secret crush.