To dream that the hand is cut off means that the dreamer will lose the most precious thing.

Hands and feet represent people who have a close relationship with you, or a right-hand man at work, or a close friend in life.

We think that brothers are siblings, but in the language of dreams, this kind of blood relationship is not paramount. In fact, brothers are often separated and each have their own lives, and close friends and right-hand men are as indispensable as a person's hands and feet. This kind of rare bond between people is more intimate than blood.

Losing hands and feet means that your best friend leaves you, not only in life, but also completely in emotion, so this dream is usually interpreted as death. And if your hands and feet are cut off by someone else, that other person may not really be someone, and you can treat it as an accident. In other words, your best friend will die.

Dreaming that your hands and feet are cut off indicates that your brother, friend or servant will have a disaster. Or there will be people around you running away from home. ( Dreamsmeaning Book official website )

Zhougong Stock Market

If you dream that your hands and feet are cut off, the low price of the day is the lowest, and the short-selling stocks should be disposed of.