Dreaming about the elevator going up and down, reflecting the ups and downs in life, space. All dreams about elevator failures can highlight the loss of control, the sense of loss, and the disappointment of what you want and what you get. But dreaming that the elevator keeps going up shows that your recent momentum is very good and everything is going well.

  Most of the people who dream of falling or falling elevators, in real life, have something that caused a sense of loss, or lost a relationship,

  Control of an issue.

  Dreaming about the elevator stopping means that you did not meet your expectations or that you are unwisely pursuing something that is not suitable for you.

  Dreaming of taking an elevator, if the elevator goes up, it means that you can get a promotion or a very high position and have wealth. And if the elevator is going down, it means bad luck will hit you and make you feel depressed.

  Dreaming of standing in the elevator, this is a sign that danger will threaten you, pay special attention recently. And if you dream of standing in the elevator of a store or department store, it means that you will get what you have long envied.

  Dreaming of coming out of the elevator means that when you do something, you are fortunate enough to pass, but fortunately there is no difficulty. And if you go out and the people who go in are going up, it means that you have no chance of promotion in the near future.