Dreaming of a girl, expressing hope, or foretelling good news.

An unmarried woman dreams of a girl, which indicates that she will not marry in the near future.

Dreaming of an unfamiliar girl indicates that a new relationship is about to begin.

If the girl in your dreams is angry with you, it implies that it is a good time to get married , reminding you that it is time to propose to your lover.

Dream of an unlovable girl and remind you to guard against the villains around you.

Dreaming of a girl in captivity, or a girl in distress, symbolizes a suppressed ideal or integrity in her heart. The image of the young girl at this time becomes a symbol of truth or honesty, according to the different emotions in the dream, indicating the dreamer's courageous pursuit of truth, integrity, or inner self-blame.

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

Dreaming of the beautiful girl, Tingtingyuli is Xiangrui. When a girl dreams of a girl, it means that she will not marry. A married woman dreaming of a girl is an ominous sign that her husband will cut off the source of income.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dreamland commentary: The girl is graceful and slender, and is a symbol of good fortune.

Psychological analysis: When a girl dreams of a girl, it means that she can't marry late, and she will be in trouble in love. A married woman dreams of a girl, which is an ominous sign, and her husband will cut off the income.

Dream Case Study

[Dream Example 1]

I had a dream last night. I dreamed of going back to school again. It was a beauty sitting with me. I like her. I happen to be a handsome guy in the class, but I do n’t know if she likes me or not. The feeling I liked during the period was really comfortable. I woke up without a result. I wanted to make it longer.

Dream analysis: beauty represents the dream in your heart, sitting with the beauty represents that you are working towards the dream, you cannot be sure that the beauty likes you, does not like you, that you ca n’t be attached to the dream, and you are afraid that after you work hard, it means that you are not confident in real life, and even A little inferiority.

[Dream Example 2]

I am 15 years old and dreamed of the same girl 3 or 4 times in a year. The time is uncertain. The first time I dreamed of marrying her ... I didn't remember the next few times, anyway, it was also related to feelings. First declare that I am not in love, neither in love nor in secret. So it can't be a girlfriend. The girl who dreamed several times was the same person. The picture is not scary but pretty. Has troubled me for a long time.

Dream analysis: foretelling a love affair.