Dreaming that meeting with a partner is auspicious, and your heart will be happy.

To dream of accepting a joint venture will make you richer and richer.

A farmer dreams that he agrees to partner with others to contract farm work, and the crops will have a good harvest.

To dream of accepting bankruptcies as joint ventures is an ominous omen, and your business will suffer a big impact.

To dream of accepting dishonest people as partners is a good sign and means to get rich.

To dream of absorbing many joint ventures will greatly increase your income.

To dream of accepting an enemy as a partner is an auspicious sign and will live in harmony with the enemy.

But dreaming of absorbing relatives or friends as partners will cause quarrels with them.

To dream of having a dispute with your partner is a bad omen, and there will be constant disasters at home.

To dream of withdrawing your own shares, you will lose the help of your friends in difficult times.

Case analysis of dreaming of a joint stock

Dream description: Dreaming that I would jump into the water with the enemy in order to save the partner!

Dream analysis: This dream shows that you have great trust in the partner, and your sincerity will allow you to make more business partners in the mall and win the trust of your partners.