The knife is a symbol of strength and power. In dreams, being slashed by a knife often represents competition and the gains and losses of power.

The patient dreamed that he was chopped by the knife, indicating that his body would recover.

To dream of someone's hand being chopped by a knife indicates that you will become a leader and be able to make good achievements.

Dreaming that your hand was chopped by a knife indicates that your competitors will be very powerful and will carry out a powerful attack on yourself.

Dreaming of being slashed by a knife will disturb your psychological shadow! Today you are easily triggered by something or a certain scene, and your emotions will change accordingly! In fact, if you can calmly analyze the causes and consequences of the time, you will It's a good opportunity to untie the knot! In addition, your partner will do things that worry you today. You should understand his mood and don't show boredom!

Dreaming that you take a knife and cut someone by yourself means that your wallet will be lost. If you can break a little money, your future work and life will be smoother. It is the so-called "breaking money and eliminating disasters", and nothing happens. .

To dream of slashing someone with a knife is a good sign.

Looking for a worker dreaming of taking a knife at someone indicates that your job hunting fortunes will drop, and your interpersonal relationship will show a double-edged influence, but the attitude of the recruiter is generally fair.

Minors dream of slashing people with a knife, but their physical condition is still weak, which is mostly related to stomach discomfort. Girls should pay more attention to the health of their ovaries and uterus. Easily appear mentally depressed.

A single nobleman dreams of cutting someone with a knife, the relationship is more stable, and the lovers pay attention to practical problems such as firewood, rice, oil, and salt. Have the opportunity to accept valuable gifts from the opposite sex, and the opposite sex with good material conditions can give you a sense of security.