Burns indicate good news. To dream of baking your hands on a clear jumping flame indicates the purity of the goal and the praise of friends.

Dreaming that you are burned indicates that you will have good luck. You may be proud of the spring breeze in the near future, and everything is going well, but don't take it lightly and forget about it.

To dream of burning your feet while walking by burning coals or fires indicates that you are capable of accomplishing what you want to do, although it may be impossible for others. You have always been in good health, but if you become weak in the fire, people you think are friends will betray you, and your interests will be affected.

Dreaming of burns, good omen, life will be happy.

The businessman dreams of being burned indicates that he will find a good project to make money.

Dreaming of others being burned by fire means that interpersonal relationships will be handled harmoniously.

Prisoners and others are burned by the fire, and they will enmity others.

Case analysis of dreaming about burns

Dream description: Sometimes dreaming is terrible. Once I dreamt that I was burned and I was terrified in my heart. I don't know where I was in my dream. Suddenly a flame ignited next to me. The flame rushed to my hand and I was awakened. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: A burned dream is a typical anti-dream, meaning good luck is approaching. Dreaming about yourself being burned, especially on the hands and feet, indicates that you will be proud of the spring breeze in the near future. To dream of someone being burned indicates that you will receive news that surprises you.