To dream of being fired indicates that your position will be promoted and your life will be improved.

To dream of someone being fired is an ominous sign.

The unemployed dream of being fired, and can quickly find a job they like.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The dismissal notice in the dream indicates the abandonment of something or a major change in life. The person who dreams must understand this truth: in life, some content should be discarded. To extend this meaning backwards, you must be accustomed to accepting the reality in front of you.

Psychoanalysis: When a person is always willing to accept reality, he will become resigned. In the eyes of others, he always stays at a certain point in his life and does not want to move forward. This means that he has given up life. Sometimes such dreams can also express positive meaning: people should learn to adapt to external situations when necessary.

Case analysis of dreaming about being fired

Dream description: One night, a staff member dreamed that her boss was disappointed with her performance and said that she had no business at all after the 3-month trial period, so she called a boss to request an extension of the 3-month trial period. The staff hesitated before calling, and the boss told her that the new employee could not be extended for another 3 months in principle, so he fired her. In the dream, the staff felt aggrieved and depressed thinking that they would be fired. When I woke up the next day, there was news that the project had failed.

Dream analysis: Office workers dream of being fired, and children who go to school dream of being expelled from school are actually caused by pressure, and this pressure is often imposed on themselves. For example, always working hard or studying hard, paying no return, the nervous subconscious is always very nervous, and the result is reflected when dreaming, and this kind of dream is often the result of subconscious thinking. This is a bad omen that will come true. If you dream of being fired, you must be careful.