There are many watermelon seeds. Pregnant women dream of eating watermelons, and they may have many children, or have dragons and babies.

Pregnant women dreamed of eating watermelon, auspicious signs, indicating that they and their children are healthy.

Pregnant women dream of a watermelon incision, which means that the delivery method is caesarean.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating watermelon, which is a good sign, which means that the mother and child are safe, and everything will be fine.

Pregnant women dream of others eating watermelon, there are generally two possibilities: one is that people in dreams will conceive and have a son , and the other is a warning to pregnant women-to guard against villains in the near future, pay attention to the development and health of the fetus.

The pregnant woman dreams of her husband's eating habits, and the possibility of having a son in the near future will be greater.

Pregnant women dreaming of their families eating watermelon often foreshadows that family relationships will improve and that extended families will become happier and happier.

Pregnant women dream of friends eating watermelon, friends are more likely to be pregnant and give birth to a lively and healthy son.

Pregnant women dream of eating raw watermelon, so pay more attention to what is happening around them, and be careful in their daily actions.

When pregnant women dream of eating rotten watermelons, they should pay more attention to their baby's health and development status; at the same time, be careful of the people and things around them.

The pregnant woman dreams of eating a big watermelon, which indicates that a healthy boy will be born and her life will be happy in the future.

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