The girls heralded the coming of riches and foresights, and foretold that they would help others in the future.

Pregnant women dream of having a baby girl , indicating that there is a help from a noble person, and pregnant women dreaming of a baby girl also indicates that the baby in the stomach is a girl.

A pregnant woman dreams of having a girl, a lucky sign, on behalf of the family or loved ones, expecting you, but also her dreams will come true, and life will become happier.

The dream of a pregnant woman when she dreams of having a girl is a sign that the pregnant woman expects the sex of the fetus and wants to have a daughter.

A pregnant woman dreaming about seeing a baby crying or having a girl's family or feeling bad is a sign that pregnant women's mood will fluctuate recently. Pregnant women with such fetal dreams should pay attention to maintaining a good attitude.

Pregnant women dream of other people saying that they have a girl, which usually indicates that you will have a baby girl; on the other hand, it also indicates that pregnant women have a desire for a baby girl.

Pregnant woman's dream