The pregnant woman dreams that others have children , on the one hand, it represents her desire for the child; on the other hand, heralds good luck for others.

The dream of a pregnant woman to have a girl is a sign that the pregnant woman is expecting the sex of the fetus and wants to have a daughter.

When pregnant women dream of having a boy, they are mostly anti-dreams. Others may not be pregnant or have a daughter.

Pregnant women dreaming of having twins is a sign that they have a desire for twin babies.

A pregnant woman dreams that someone will give birth to a dragon and phoenix, which indicates that her baby will grow up healthy and healthy. At the same time, it implies that the pregnant woman also wants to have a pair of dragons and babies, and often guesses the sex of the baby in the belly and imagines how the baby will grow up.

A pregnant woman dreams of a friend having a baby , which indicates that her friend will have good fortune in the near future; if a pregnant woman dreams of a married friend who has a child, it indicates that the person will be pregnant; dreaming of an unmarried woman who has a child, indicates that this person will have new feelings .

Pregnant women dreaming about having children in their homes means that family life will be more harmonious and happier.

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