Playing brothers avoid disaster. (Written by, reproduced Please keep the source)

  Brothers and their own intimate relationships of people, destroyed beaten on behalf of a close relationship.

  Dreaming about beating your own brother means that your relationship with friends and relatives is unbreakable, and you are not afraid of other people's provocations. When you encounter a problem, you can also get help from your friends to avoid disaster.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: The first impression of the concept of the family is that it is completely safe, and that it can multiply future generations and grandchildren. Generally speaking, if the child cannot inherit the influence, then the above family pattern will be destroyed. Through dreams, people try to re-correct the pattern or confirm the scene of damage. Dreams may involve disputes with a family member, but interpreting dreams involves more than dreams. There is also a reason for your actual relationship with that person. The future relationship of a family is influenced by the addition of family personnel.

  Psychological analysis: People strive for their own personality development and fulfillment to cause some contradictions and conflicts, which is a common thing in family relationships. Of course, this is not essential for every family. In the dream, people "play around" family members' game pictures to show the difficulties they face, but not to hurt anyone. Here is also a noteworthy fact that if one member of the family is dedicated to interpreting dreams, he will have a profound influence on other members of the family, affecting their activities and subconscious tacit understanding. The problems that a person can encounter in his life are reflected almost exclusively in the family. In times of great burden, you often dream of family problems and difficulties.

  Symbol of the spirit: on the one hand is the dream of brothers belong to the spirit, on the other hand are competing for three-dimensional. If you are a man, you see a brother in a dream symbolizes the experience and authority, dreamed brother represents bullying, sometimes means that less mature. If you are a woman , dreamed brother expressed the feelings of the opposition, also means bullied sex. You dream of their brother marks the camber and outgoing.

  Brothers dreamed of playing Case Study

  Dreamed of playing with his good brother, a dream punches, in reality, also punching, but I was not conscious, hit the wall, and was awakened, what meaning ah, not so exaggerated before the first times, punched dream, reality also punched and fell asleep asleep hit the wall!

  Dream interpretation: There are two possibilities: First, the stress response that your body keeps about daytime activities when you fall asleep, or the brain continues during the day and night. Second, some kind of hint. If it is the second kind, it may be a little different, because in most dreams, a friend or a stranger is a mapping of the other side of the person, not just someone. At this time, it may be your subconscious negation of certain behaviors. If you look at yourself and find nothing unusual, there is another possibility: what your friend did to make you think of beating him. Of course, you may not have this consciousness in real life, it is just your subconsciousness which is summarized through the experience of daily life. In this case, you won't know what the reason is 99%, you won't understand it until your friends completely surface the things you hate.