Men dream of women , sometimes just a sign of sexual desire. The recurring erotic dreams show that the dreamer's taste and his moral emotions are still in the primary stage of development. Therefore, dreamers do not need to be flustered by the constant dream of seeing women. It may also indicate your relationship with your mother, reminding you of the need to strengthen your independence.

Dreaming of gently touching female breasts, the friendship between brothers and sisters will improve, and the family will be harmonious and comfortable.

A knife is a weapon, and dreaming of a woman holding a knife in hand means that you have to keep a certain distance from it, and you will be lucky to avoid it. If you have a private relationship with a woman in your dream, it implies that you have a special affection for the opposite sex in your heart. If you have a family, it will lead to family disagreement because of your care.

Dreaming of women being humiliated, wealth will rise.

Dream of having a private relationship with a woman, the family will be at odds.

If you dream of walking with a strange woman, remind you to be careful not to lose or steal your money.

Dreaming of being with a familiar woman, the relationship in the dream is ambiguous, indicating that your private life may not be too rigorous, beware that it will affect reputation.

Dreaming of hordes of women means happy life.

The woman in the dream is blond, and you will find that all the promises are very beneficial to you and make you very happy.

Dreaming of a very coquettish and light-hearted woman, suggesting that you may have a very cunning enemy to deal with. If you dream that you killed her, it means that your desire is about to come true.

The young woman dreamed that her manners were frivolous, indicating that the dreamer felt a potential danger in her heart or anxiety about sex, hoping to be protected by a man.

Dreaming of unusually beautiful young women, regardless of whether the dreamer is male or female, may represent the ideal femininity in people's hearts, indicating that the dreamer himself yearns for this ideal image.

Dreaming of a slumped woman with dark hair and blue eyes means that you will explicitly declare your withdrawal from a possible win. If she has brown eyes and a high nose, you are being deceived by sweet words and engaged in a dangerous speculation. If she has auburn hair, your confusion and anxiety will increase.

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

Sometimes women in men's dreams simply express their sexual desires. The recurring erotic dreams show that the dreamer's tastes, including his moral feelings, are still in the primary stage of development.

On behalf of your mother. It is worth noting that you value your reaction to her in the dream or what she said. If this woman is showing negative emotions, then you should relax the strong emotional connection with your mother. This is a prerequisite for your independent self-establishment.

For men, dreaming about women represents your "Anima". At this point, the woman may be friendly or dangerous. Being friendly means that your Anima wants you to understand what you yourself are still overlooked. And the danger means she wants to deviate you from the right path. This threatening Anima is represented by a seductive Siren.

If the woman you dream of is an acquaintance in your life and the dream is very erotic. Then this woman may symbolize your repressed sexual desire or the projection of your own "Anima". If this is the case, it foreshadows that in real life you should establish a relationship with your own "Anima" rather than with ordinary women.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of woman mad, sad. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Seeing the girl, the Lord has foreign wealth. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See the girl's woman, fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dreaming about women. Any man who dreams of a woman is not an auspicious dream because of the friendship of the Lord, the invasion of disease, or the distraction of men. The one who dreams of a woman and wants it, the Lord drinks and eats; The dream calls a woman to the house, and the master murders; The dream is called by a woman, the patient loses money; Food, the Lord is happy; Dream and the woman tear up, the Lord loses money; Dreaming of the woman tearing up, the main lawsuit is idle and treacherous; Dreaming of the woman Xiao Zhuang, the main thing is scattered, the evening makeup is the main thing; Everything is fierce; dreams and women conspiracy, the main attempt is unsuccessful; dreams and women who look at the sky like the stars and clouds, the main murderous. Mysterious Dreams

The dream woman is crowned, Kyrgyzstan. Dreaming of the women's new champion, the main literati is well-known, and his vocal skills are high. Like a woman who dreams of a new crown, the Lord has a son. The unmarried girl dreamed of this and was the husband of the girl in high school. If the dream becomes a woman and the crown, it is a phenomenon of yin and yang inconsistent and repeated. Mysterious Dreams

The dream lady rides the wind. The dream of scholars is great, the gains of officials are high, and those of ordinary people are well-developed. The lawsuit is reasonable, the marriage is unsuccessful, the pedestrian is gone, and the disease is auspicious. Mysterious Dreams

See the woman by the water. The dreamer is beautiful and the sign of Jichang. Mysterious Dreams

A woman by the water's edge. The waterside girl is the word Ru, and you should go to the place named after the word Ru. "Secret Secretary"

Strong women. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Girls rally, the Lord broke his fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Ominous with teenage language. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Interpretation of Dreams: Various people appear in dreams to represent all aspects of your character and inner world.

Psychoanalysis: In order to understand the different messages transmitted by various types of people in a dream, we must analyze them in depth. Not all the meanings of characters must be fully analyzed. Sometimes, as long as you can understand the meaning of the behavioral relationship between you and the person in your dream. You often dream of confrontation between two people or feel that your attitude and behavior towards them are very different. This situation generally reflects your contradictory personality part. The object in your dream can be an indelible impression, and sometimes it even hurts you. Dreaming of your loved ones usually reflects your jealousy. Dreaming of many people gathered together and dreaming of animals together have a similar meaning, and each object represents an aspect of your own character. If you can deeply understand one of these characters, you can clearly understand your corresponding personality level.

Spiritual Symbol: The image of a woman in a woman's dream, such as a family member or your own girlfriend, expresses a certain aspect of your character, especially one that she does not yet know well. The woman who appears in a male dream is related to your feelings and intuition. In addition, she can express your relationship with his partner. The goddess or virgin in your dreams expresses your worldview. Oriental women appearing in dreams usually represent a feminine side. Women who appear in men's dreams often express their attitudes towards sex, and women whom women dream of represent their super-sensing abilities. The old woman in a man's dream generally symbolizes the instinct of an animal, and in a woman's dream it represents her own shadow.

Case Study of Dreaming Woman

[Dream Example 1]

I am a young boy, chatting happily with a very hot woman in a dream last night, but I ca n’t see her face, maybe I woke up and forgot what she looks like? What does this mean? How about?

Dreamland analysis: It ’s great to talk with women. This represents that you are talking to a female who plays an important role in your subconscious. The specific object may be a lover, a mother, or a sexual fantasy object; or she may be the woman in your heart. Image, even your long-suppressed sexual desire. Specifically, look at your situation below.

[Dream Example 2]

In my dream, I was busy rushing to work, and I was caught in a traffic jam on the road, so I rushed to the company. In a dream, my leader asked me to take a look at the workshop. When I arrived at the workshop, I was taken aback. Why was the workshop suddenly turned into a female worker, and why there wasn't a man? I was wondering. [Male, 30 years old]

Dreamland analysis: Women in dreams have different meanings depending on the number of people. If you dream about dating or traveling with a strange woman, remind you to pay attention to money to avoid losing property. If you dream of being with a woman you know, if the relationship between them is dim and the movement is casual, it means that you have an outside mind. It is better to devote your energy to work. The risk of life will bring you reputational loss . The girl who dreamed of being graceful and charming, was meant to be auspicious. In addition, in ancient times it was thought that dreaming of hordes of women meant fraud, but now it is believed that such dreams are a sign of smoothness and happiness.

If you dream of a man, it indicates that you must pay attention to the combination of work and rest.